"February 6th, 2018 Phone Conversation with Joel Ostuw where he agrees for the return of his unsold items in March 2018 as Gary Hendershott had been in the hospital, including items which Gary shipped to Ostuw the following day, even though he had already filed a fraudulent Insurance Claim the day before on February 5th, 2018 in which Ostuw received between $400,000.00 and $500,000.00 from Chubb Insurance."


"Guide to Important Text and Email Messages"

Communication between Joel Ostuw and Gary Hendershott

TEXT messages #2 between Joel Ostuw and Gary Hendershott - May 2017 to 2018

Page 49 he becomes irritated that a check was lost in the Christmas mail, I was moving my daughter to college but offered to stop and give him money page 45, he latter decided he wanted me to wire transfer him the $7200- which I did faithfully on December 20th, 2018. I went in for surgery on December 21st – then Christmas December 24/25th, then I had more surgery on January 6th, 2018. I could not travel after or during the surgeries as I had large incisions?

Page 46   December 18, 2017 is the very 1st time he claimed I took things “Without his Permission”, after 6 months of selling his items for him on consignment, that was December 18th that was also the same day he breached our contract. Joel Ostuw crafted this “without permission” fabricated scenario, he never said stolen and he never said what the items if any that were that were taken without his permission.

See page 49-50   January 5th, 2018 is where our Agreements fell apart, he used the same “without my permission” again as a continued fabricated scenario to not only break our contract but to claim over $400,000.00 in insurance money all at the same time.

TEXT messages # 1 between Joel Ostuw and Gary Hendershott - May 2017 to 2018

See 89 thru 91, Numerous times Joel Ostuw left his House Key in the BBQ Grille and asked me to go into his house and organize his collection for sale and pick up items on consignment from him to sell for him at trade shows.

See page 100-101 where Joel Ostuw packed and shipped items to me. Joel Ostuw latter put these same items on a Warrant for my Arrest claiming I had stolen them from him, while in fact he had personally packed and shipped them to me to sell for him.

See page 109   Feb 6, 2018 where I sent via FEDEX 2 Hats and Civil War Pistol value $29,500 - to Joel Ostuw that he wanted to sell to someone himself.

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