Joel Edward Ostuw
120 Sequoyah Terrace
Calhoun, GA 30701

Echota Fabrics, Inc.
1394 US 41 North
Calhoun, GA 30701

DUNS # 096294924
Reg ID # 800017

Ostuw Confederate Museum
2400 Pleasant Hill Rd NE.
Ranger, GA 30734

Joel Ostuw - Whooa Company
PERRY, FL 32348

‘WHY’ has always been the big question in my mind, would Joel Ostuw do something like this? The Answer came in loud and clear in discovery where I found out that he had claimed and collected close to a Half-Million Dollars ($500,000.00) in insurance money from Chubb Insurance. That same day Ostuw claimed that I had “taken things without his permission” to the police, he had never said that before or what these items were and he never used the word stolen. This was a scenario Joel Ostuw had crafted after he decided to Break my Sales Contract with him for no reason. I had just published the catalog of his CSA Sword collection and I had sold and paid him over $116,000.00 for other items Ostuw consigned to me to sell for him at trade shows.

During the entire year that I was selling his items he never complained and he never said anything was taken without his permission, he dreamed that up in order to break our contract and to collect massive amounts of insurance money. Ostuw had selected the items he wanted me to sell and Ostuw along with his girlfriend even packed them and loaded them into my truck for me to sell for him. Joel Ostuw later sent more items that he personally packed and shipped to me by UPS Overnight Express. I did 3 trade shows that over 10,000 collectors attended and produced 3 online catalogs of his collection that were also sent to 10,000 collectors, museum curators, dealers and historians. I had spent 400 hours researching his collection and took 2000 photographs of his items.

It all came down to Money, Joel Ostuw decided he did not want to pay my 10% commission, but he still needed immediate Money, thus he attempted to make me the Fall Guy for his fraudulent Insurance Claim where he got almost $500,000 within Days of launching his well-crafted plan to not only break our contract but to claim a massive sums of money from Chubb Insurance all on the same day February 5th, 2018.

Meanwhile he destroyed my Life, my Business, my Health, and my 40 year hard earned Reputation. Please read carefully as you go through this informational website, it is a lesson for all collectors, dealers, auctions be alert that this could also Happen to YOU!

Breach of Mediation 2020 Lawsuit
$10 Million Dollar Lawsuit
January 2020 Against Joel Ostuw and Echota Fabrics, Inc
Pacer # 9:20-cv-80006-RLR

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